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About digital content management

A few facts: Preferred tools are listed as WordPress blogs (highest), followed by LinkedIn (highest for B2B), Website Analytics and Keyword Search. 87% of UK Marketers use Content Marketing and that figure is forecast to rise. 93% of UK Marketers use blogs as a tactic. 80% of UK Marketers use… Continue Reading →

Designing for the digital customer journey

Audience: This post explains the steps for creating the right message for the right audience. How much do you know about your audience? Or their preferred media content channels? Tone of voice: Understanding your audience will help you understand how to… Continue Reading →

Structuring text for search engines

Copywriting for the web means structuring your text for search engines like google and bing. A google bot and other web crawlers crawl the web by following links from one page to another to find content that matches a keyword or phrase. These are then ranked… Continue Reading →

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