Creating and managing content for the web

December 3, 2017 @ 7:33 pm


  • Choose the right Hosting package;
  • CMS¹ set-up, back-ups, speed and security;
  • Plugins and widgets;
  • User experience design and accessibility;
  • Keywords, search terms; SEO and ranking;
  • Analytics and performance;
  • Writing for the web;
  • Copyright;
  • Typography and the structure of text for web;
  • Designing or commissioning content for the web;
  • Managing deleted posts, pages and redirects;
  • Blogs and Social channels;
  • Categories and tags;
  • Online shops and booking systems;
  • Contact forms;
  • Web forwarding;
  • Regular site checks and security updates;
  • Basic CSS and HTML.

(¹WordPress Content Management System). 



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