A slideshow or video is a great creative format for sharing knowledge and building brand awareness.

The following workshop will give you the steps to make a professional slideshow in Photoshop CC.

You will learn how to work with the Motion Workspace, add TransitionsSave for websites YouTube and FB and archive as a MP4/Quicktime Movie.

First put all your images for the slideshow into one named folder.

Check the composition of the images work as a whole, i.e. in terms of colour, size, scale and exposure.

Copyright and Credits can be added as a slide in the video.

Open Photoshop CC

You’re Done!

Adding video and audio works in a very similar way. However, check your own system spec/preferences before you start as video and audio editing may require at least 8 gigabytes of RAM, adequate free disc space, a 64 bit application, a hard disc drive and a video graphics card. Check the Adobe website for more information about system requirements for working with video and sound.